Shipping, Curbside Pickup, and Local Delivery Policy


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thinkery will be adhering to CDC policies regarding curbside pickup, local delivery and retail functions.  The below procedures are recommended to keep both our customers and our employees safe.


Orders will be available for pickup on Wednesday and Saturday between 12 noon and 5 pm.  These days and times are subject to change.  Please only visit on the specific day that that is given to you by our staff.  If you are unable to pick up on your designated date, we will work to have your items available at a future time designated by our team.   

Curbside pickup will occur at Thinkery's main entrance on Simond Avenue.   

  • We ask that as few people as possible be in the vehicle for curbside pickup.  
  • When arriving please park and open your trunk or passenger side door farthest from any vehicle passengers.   
  • Please do not exit your vehicle.   
  • Call 512-469-6290 and inform the staff member that you have arrived.  Give the make/model and color of your vehicle and where you parked. Also provide the name your order was placed under and order number if possible.   
  • Your order will be brought out and placed in your vehicle.  The staff member will not close any doors or the trunk in order to maintain safety and no contact.  
If you are walking to Thinkery for your curbside pickup we request that as few people as possible wait in line or approach our table.   
    • Please maintain social distancing guidelines and remain 6 feet apart while waiting.  
    • When you are within six feet of the staff member inform them of the name the order was placed under and the order number.  If you have your order confirmation with you this will make everything smoother.   
    • Thinkery will have a designated space for you to wait while your order is brought out to you.   
    • A staff member will place the order at a separate designated place then walk away.  
    • Once the Thinkery staff member has waked 6 ft away you can approach and pickup your order.   


    A delivery charge of $10.00 will be added for all local delivery's.  Local delivery is only available for order over $20.00.  Orders will be delivered on Mondays and Fridays.  These days are subject to change.  Deliveries will only occur on the specific day that that is given to you by our staff.  If you are unable to have a delivery on your designated date, we will work to have your items available at a future time designated by our team.     

    • Items will be delivered and left in front of the door of the address that is given to us. 
    • We will ring the bell when possible but will not directly hand the package to you.    
    • Please do not exit your home, allow us to set your order down and back away before approaching. 
    • Call 512-469-6290 with any questions as we are working hard to make these transactions safe and easy.
    • The staff member will try to adhere to any special delivery request, within reason. T hese requests are not guaranteed and will only be fulfilled when deemed reasonable by the staff member attempting delivery. 


    Your product will be wiped down and sanitized before placed in our bag and our staff will always be gloved and masked during the transaction.  If at any time our staff feel unsafe or that a customer is not adhering to the above policies, we reserve the right to remove people from the premises, cancel orders and / or close the curbside pickup or local delivery. 

    Thank you for continuing to support Thinkery and our mission through purchasing in our online store.  We all hope to be back in the Museum soon, working together to create innovative learning experiences that equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers.